DETAILED INTRODUCTION (in accordance with the Articles of Association)

The MA-HOLnap Foundation was established in 2001 to pursue sustainable public interest objectives.


  • Hungarian Benedictine Congregation
  • SKN Foundation – Netherlands



The Foundation of Dutch Cooperating Foundations – an organisation established in the XX. has helped to establish, strengthen or expand the activities of a number of NGOs in Hungary in the last decade of the 20th century, and wishes to build on the traditions and achievements of its Central and Eastern European activities and to continue its intellectual heritage. In establishing this Foundation, the founders have identified the following as their permanent, public interest objectives:

…professional and financial support for innovative civil initiatives with social content, which awaken, strengthen and operate the solidarity and mutual responsibility of the local community and enable the inclusion and equal opportunities of individuals and groups living in socio-cultural disadvantage.


The Foundation’s mission is to seek, obtain and mobilise resources to achieve its objectives. It supervises the implementation of the technical programmes and monitors the use of funds, with the beneficiary organisation being accountable to it.

The Foundation cooperates with similar organisations in the Central and Eastern European region, as well as with state and local authorities.


The Foundation carries out the above activities in the course of its activities as follows:

In Hungary, financial support for NGOs and non-profit organisations and communities,

  • helping or supporting people who, because of their age, health or social situation, or because of their ethnic or religious background, are disadvantaged, needy, vulnerable or unable to care for themselves without outside help. In this area of activity, support for organisations,
  • which provide residential care for elderly citizens in nursing homes, homes for the disabled or homes for psychiatric patients,
  • provide care for the sick and elderly by caring for people in need in their own homes,
  • which work to help people in need of personal care, providing care, day care, supervision, cleaning, shopping, accompanying people to the doctor or to medical treatment, and taking care of their official affairs,
  • which help families and children in social need and those with social problems, or which set up and run an institution providing temporary or, if necessary, permanent accommodation for families and children,
  • which carry out social missionary work and people care for the poor in Hungary and for those in need of one-off or ongoing assistance due to their health and social situation,
  • which run services to help NGOs, with the support of the service or the institution set up.


In pursuit of the objectives set out above in the Foundation’s Statutes

  • financial support for the creation of social, educational, leisure and other institutions or the development of existing ones,
  • may carry out teaching and educational work, support organisational and non-organisational education, establish and endow scholarships,
  • organises, runs and funds tenders, conferences, professional events and training courses,
  • publishes and disseminates publications and educational materials related to its objectives,
  • supports development research to improve social care for the population,
  • supports institutions for the spiritual and physical education of young people based on love.


The objectives of the Foundation and the ways in which they are pursued have remained unchanged since its creation in 2001.


Members of the Board of Trustees

board of trustees_hejj

Tibor Héjj

Proactive management
Consulting Ltd.
Managing Director

Zsolt Sándor

Vice President
Architect, forensic expert


Dr. Attila Korencsi

Financial lawyer