In recent years, we have implemented several projects that we can be proud of.

Our programmes from the past years

Our Foundation organised and implemented the following programmes:

In 2001, the Foundation developed a new donation criteria based on a survey. It assessed the donation habits and target groups of donor foundations and public foundations registered in Hungary, focusing on needs. The new support scheme and the related tendering mechanism were continuously prepared and documented by our staff in 2002. The new donation policy has led to a change in the objectives and target group of donations, with an increased focus on small local community-based NGOs. Another innovation in the funding policy was the concept that, in addition to large-scale projects, the Foundation contributed to the implementation of smaller-scale programmes that were better adapted to the needs of the target group. This is where our fundraising activities started and continue to this day.

We have also been able to support non-profit organisations by organising not only monetary donations but also donations in kind. We have launched a book collection campaign on several occasions, which was launched nationally under the successful “Bookmobile” programme.