Let’s act today for tomorrow!

The MA-HOLnap Foundation was created in 2001 with the aim of supporting innovative civil initiatives with a social content, both professionally and financially, which awaken and operate the solidarity and mutual responsibility of the local community and enable the social-socio-cultural disadvantaged individuals and groups to catch up and achieve equal opportunities. To this end, it is committed to finding, acquiring and mobilising resources. It supervises the implementation of the technical programmes and monitors the use of funds, with the beneficiary organisation being accountable to it.

It supports and mediates between private donors, corporate donors and NGOs working in the social field at a professional level through its fundraising activities. It identifies, organises and channels to applicants the financial resources, in-kind donations and volunteer work that can be used to implement the projects and achieve the objectives set, the objectives and the means of implementation of which have remained unchanged since its creation in 2001.